2022 : the redemption arc

Costa da Caparica, Portugal

2 years without a single post, damn. Graduation, a couple job changes, loosing a person, moving to a new continent. Life's busy, is the only excuse I got for not writing.

Switched to this new CMS for helping me manage my blog easier, cause the last one was definitely not setup in a nice way. With 50+ posts, every small change, I had to make sure, I didn't break that shit somewhere else. Unfortunately here, only 3 posts till date.

Fortunately, with a job where I get to work with things I like, a good enough paycheque and plenty of time for myself, life has never been better.

In the hindsight, I now find myself distancing away from tech outside work. Maybe cause I don't have to look at the prices while ordering stuff in restaurant. Maybe cause no one is going to judge my choices. Or it just might be environment where people are not competing.

Or it just might be my newfound addiction for adrenaline.

Or, or, hear this out, this is drunk me, totally possible.